Friday, June 6, 2014

Designer jhumkis online.

designer jhumki with yellow beads
Yellow beads studded handmade designer jhumki
Price-INR 250

Designer antique metal jhumki with red beads
Price INR-250
Hanging jhumka earrings with dazzling pink beads

Seed beads studded jhumka
Price-INR 100

Designer antique metal jhumka with rec seed beads
Price INR-200


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beautiful collections of lovely jhumka/jhumki.

ring metal jhumki
Lovely ring jhumki with opaque colour beads
Price-Rs 120
jhumki online
White and Pink bead studded Jhumki
Price-Rs 90
crystal studded jhumki
Lovely red crystal studded jhumka earrings
Price-Rs 120

Metal jhumki with beads online
Blue bead studded metal jhumki
Price Rs-70


beautiful metal jhumki
Jhumki studded with light orange beads
Price-Rs- 70


metal jhumka online
navy blue bead studded jhumki
Price- Rs 70

Orange bead studded jhumki
Price-Rs 70

jhumki online
yellow bead studded jhumka
Price-Rs 70
If you are interested in buying these items feel free to drop a mail in below mentioned mail address or send an sms or call enquiry to below mentioned number.I too customize the jhumka like if you the same jhumka studded with some other colour beads I can help you to provide you the same.

Thanking You.
Email Id:-
Mobile No :- 09840649161

Friday, May 23, 2014

Crystal studded dangler drops online in cheapest price.

dangler drops earrings
Crystal studded dangler drops
cheapest glass beads dangler drops
Price INR 140.00
blue crystal studded dangler drops
Price INR 150.00

dangler drops with crystals
Price INR 150.00


Jhumkas online -shop in cheapest price.




jhumka online
Price-INR 60.00

jhumki online
Price-INR 80.00

Price-INR 65.00

cute jhumki
Price INR 60.00

lovely red jhumka
Price INR 65.00

blue golden jhumka online
Price INR 40.00

jhumki online
Price INR 65.00
metal jhumki online
Price INR 200.00

silver jhumka with red crystals
Price INR -200.00
jhumka chandleir earrings
Price INR-180.00

jhumka in colors
Price INR 80.00

crystal studded jhumka
Price INR 40.00

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gorgeous ear rings for you.

 A pair of Dangling latkan ear ring with yellow beads
 Price-Rs 150
 A pair of Beautifully designed dangling ear ring with white heart beads
Price-Rs 175
 A pair of Dangling ear ring with shining blue crystals
Price-Rs 90
 A pair of Yellow Grape bunch crystal beaded ear ring
Price-Rs 100

A pair of White zigzag pearl ear ring
Price- Rs 60